Tanzanian Visas
Business and Tourist Requirements

Travelling to Tanzania?

If you are travelling to Tanzania for business or tourist purposes,
you will need a visa! To request an application pack and recieve more information from our Visa Specialists, please contact us on 01270 250 590. Please note that the granting of any Tanzanian Visa is dependant upon consular discretion and requires up to 15 working days in the embassy.

3 Month Single Entry Tourist Visa
12 Month Multiple Entry Tourist Visa
3 Month Single Entry Business Visa
12 Month Multiple Entry Business Visa

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Here is a list of the basic documents that you will need to obtain your Tanzanian visa:
These should be posted to one of our dedicated visa specialists, at the address shown below, to be checked and forwarded to the appropriate embassy.
  • Valid passport (1 blank page & 6 months validity upon return to the UK).
  • 2 x Recent passport sized photos.
  • 1 x Completed application form.
  • Travel itinerary - hotel booking and copy of flight details.
  • An original signed letter from the company in UK explaining the nature of business and duration of visit.*
  • A signed letter of invitation from an tanzanian company on their official company letterhead clearly stating the purpose and duration for which visa is required.*
  • Visa fee (call to enquire).
  • 1 x Travel Visa Company client declaration form – signed and dated.
  • Pre-paid self addressed special delivery envelope required for the safe return of your passport.

*Business applicants only

Any cheques/postal orders made payable to: The Travel Visa Company