Australia Travel Exemption

Autralia Travel Exemption

Australia Travel Exemption

Obtain your Travel Exemption for Australia with The Travel Visa Company

A Travel Exemption for Australia is issued for high priority or urgent travel by the Australian Authorities.

Specialised workers, contractors or business persons can use The Travel Visa Company to apply for an exmeption for travel, from the Australian Authorities in order to determine whether their purpose of travel is deemed valid to enter Australia during the current climate.

If you wish for The Travel Visa Company to apply for a Travel Exemption for Australia then please use the options below to apply online, or enquire further.

If you are travelling to a destination other than the Australia, and still require a letter of exemption before applying for your travel visa, please contact us using the enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss this.


Australia Travel Exemption

Australia Travel Exemption - Application Options


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