EU/Schengen Visas

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Now that the UK has left the European Union, UK passport holders may now be subject to entry/visa/work permit requirements for business and work trips to the EU.
Whether a visa/work permit is required is generally dependent on the following criteria:
  • Destination country
  • Type of business or work activity undertaken in host country
  • Previous length of stay in any EU country for any purpose in the previous 180 days

What to expect from this process?

  1. Submit your application to The Travel Visa Company.
  2. The Travel Visa Company, along with relevant Embassies or Consulates where applicable, will determine your visa/work permit requirements.
  3. No visa required: should it be determined that as per your destination country, purpose of travel and previous length of stay in the EU, you do not require a visa or work permit, you will be officially informed of this by The Travel Visa Company and forwarded any confirming evidence from relevant embassy or consulate where applicable.
  4. Visa required: Should it be determined that a visa /work permit is required for your trip, confirmation of this will be communicated with you, along with a detailed outline of the next steps and a request for any further documentation/information we may require (e.g., payslips, travel insurance).
  5. The Travel Visa Company will quality check your application to ensure it meets embassy standards, submit your application to the relevant authority and book your appointment at the embassy/consular/visa office.
  6. Finally, you will be supplied with your visa application, appointment booking confirmation and an appointment guide with details including, where and when to go for your appointment, the supporting documents you will need to take and what to expect on the day of your appointment.