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What is a China Group E-Visa?

A China Group E-Visa is a single entry tourist visa for China that negates the need for a biometric appointment. Groups of 2 or more travelling to China for tourist purposes who enter and exit at the same time may be eligible for a Group E-Visa.

Requirements for China Group E-Visa
To be eligible for the China Group E-Visa you must:
  • Be travelling in a group of 2 or more
  • All members of the group must be entering and exiting China together
  • You are entering through either Beijing or Shanghai
  • You are making a single entry into China
  • You are travelling to China for tourist purposes
  • You are staying in China for no longer than 20 days
  • Those who have previously visited any Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Jordan WILL NOT be eligible to apply for this visa.

  • IF you are ineligible for the China Group Visa, you can apply for a tourist visa here >

How to Apply?

The Travel Visa Company can assist anyone travel from UK obtain a China Group E-Visa. Applications can be made online.