New Zealand ETA (NZeTA)

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From 1 October 2019, travellers must have an ETA (NZeTA) to travel to New Zealand.

The NZeTA is now available. Download an application pack

New Zealand have announced plans to introduce an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) for travellers wishing to enter the country.

“The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) will improve the way travellers are assessed before they arrive in New Zealand. It will also help reduce the time needed for border clearance and strengthen border security.”

New Zealand Immigration

British Citizen passport holders, cruising or flying into New Zealand on or after the 1st October 2019, will need to obtain an NZeTA. This is an Electronic Travel Authority which will be valid for two years and allow multiple entries into New Zealand.

The NZeTA will bring a number of benefits to travellers, carriers and New Zealand’s borders, by ensuring faster and better facilitation for an increasing number of visitors. These benefits include:

  • Providing assurance about the purposes and characteristics of foreign travellers who plan to visit New Zealand.
  • Lowering New Zealand’s security exposure, and closing existing gaps in the border relating to the marine (cruise) pathway.
  • Bringing New Zealand’s border controls into line with international best practices.
  • Help New Zealand manage the increasing numbers of travellers forecast to come to our country in the future.
  • Meeting travellers’ and carriers’ expectations of being able to interact with authorities digitally to receive personalised and relevant services.