Police Certificates and Travel Visas

Police Certificates and Travel Visas

Obtain your Police Certificate

The Travel Visa Company can acquire your Police Certificate on your behalf, for the purposes of your travel visa application, via the ACRO Criminal Records Office.

Obtaining a Police Certificate and disclosing sensitive information for the purposes of a travel visa application can be a stressful, and confusing experience.

The Travel Visa Company can offer a single solution for obtaining both your Police Certificate, and Travel Visa. whilst ensuring a smooth, efficient and professional service throughout.

Possessing a Criminal Record does not neccessarily exclude anyone from travelling to their desired destination. However, The Travel Visa Company cannot guarantee you a visa. This is a decision that will be made by the relevant authorities of the destination you intend to visit, based on the information and evidence provided.

The Travel Visa Company will ensure all documents obtained and submitted will be done so to the highest of Embassy standards.

The following destinations have electronic travel authorisation options available for the majority of UK passport holders. Sometimes, if you are not eligible for the electronic style of travel authorisation, you must obtain a full tourist visa and may be requested to provide a copy of your police certificate.

If travelling to Canada, all UK passport holders should apply via the same method (ETA), with requests for police certificates coming at a later point if neccessary.


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Police certificate usa


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