Travel Testing & Passenger Locator / Entry Forms
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Important Information

The Travel Visa Company specialises in assisting travellers with travel visa and entry requirements.

Since the start of the Covid 19 Pandemic, travel entry requirements have changed dramatically in comparison to what they used to be, particularly when travelling from the United Kingdom.

Testing and entry requirements now exist for destinations that UK Passport holders could previously travel to without worry.

By applying with The Travel Visa Company, you can arrange from one place any neccessary travel testing along with passenger locator / entry forms.

Once you have completed your application, you will receive an initial confirmation email, followed by a second email within 24 hrs confirming your 'TVC' application ID number, along with further detail regarding the process for each of the services we are providing for you.

Please ensure applications are made at least 10 working days ahead of travel, particularly if your package includes an Outbound test.

If you have any further queries before or whilst applying please contact us.

What is an Outbound Passenger Locator Form?

The purpose of a passenger locator of travel health form is to aid a countries ability to successfully track and trace individuals who may test positive whilst in a certain destination. If completing these forms yourself, often they must be completed within 24 - 72 hrs before entering a destination. By arranging these forms now, The Travel Visa Company will complete the administration on your behalf and forward the relevant confirmations to you at the appropriate time.

Outbound Passenger Locator Forms can sometimes be called:

  • PLF's
  • Health Forms
  • Entry Forms
  • Custom/Immigration Form
  • Travel Health Form
  • Travel Entry Form
  • Thai Pass

The information provided is usually basic personal and travel information.

For what destinations can I arrange a Passenger Locator Form using this service?





Cape Verde











Portugal (Madeira)

Portugal (Mainland)





United Kingdom

When Can I Apply For a PLF?

You can apply for your outbound PLF with The Travel Visa Company in advance of your trip, as opposed to waiting and completing yourself within the run up to your holiday. If completing yourself you would normally need to do this within the 24 - 72 hours before travelling.

Alternatively The Travel Visa Company can process your application on your behalf and then securely email the relevant confirmation to you

What If Require More Than One Outbound PLF?

Please complete the form using details related to your first destination, and then email so that we can make this arrangement for you.

Once you have read the information above, click below to start your application with the Travel Visa Company. Our online application form is quick and easy to complete and allows you to apply for multiple services at the same time.