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If you are unsure of your requirements, or have any questions before applying, please contact us using the details below

Using this portal you can arrange any necessary outbound Passenger Locator Forms for your Ambassador itinerary.

You can also obtain your NHS Covid Certificate.

Once you have completed your application, you will be emailed full details of what to expect from the process depending on the requirements for your itinerary.

If you have any queries before applying please contact us on 01270 904 907.

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Cruise / Itinerary Embarkation Date Destinations Visited

PLF Requirement?

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Travel Visa Requirement?

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Hidden Nordic Treasures 12/05/2022 UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia NA NA
Round Britain & Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration 26/05/2022 UK, Ireland, France NA NA
Land of Ice & Fire 07/06/2022 UK, Faroe Islands, Iceland NA NA
Arctic Voyage to Greenland & Iceland 21/06/2022 UK, Iceland, Greenland NA NA
British Isles Discovery 12/07/2022 UK, Ireland, France NA NA
Hidden Nordic Treasures 23/07/2022 UK, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden NA NA
Summertime Fjordland 06/08/2022 UK, Norway NA NA
British Isles & Ireland Discovery 13/08/2022 UK, Ireland NA NA
Summertime Fjordland 25/08/2022 UK, Norway NA NA
British Isles Discovery 01/09/2022 UK, Ireland, France NA NA
Grand Canada, Greenland & Iceland 12/09/2022 UK, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Canada, Iceland Canada NA
Autumn Fjordland 16/10/2022 UK, Norway NA NA
Grand Mediterranean 23/10/2022 UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Gibraltar Israel Egypt
Canaries, Madeira & Morocco Winter Sun 24/11/2022 UK, Spain, Portugal, Morocco Morocco NA
German Christmas Markets 11/12/2022 UK, Germany, Belgium Belgium NA
Festive Market Getaway 18/12/2022 UK, Belgium Belgium NA
Christmas & New Year Canary Islands 21/12/2022 UK, Spain, Portugal NA NA
Cuba & Treasures of the Caribbean 05/01/2023 UK, Portugal, Cape Verde, Barbados, Grenada, St Vincent & Grenadines, Jamaica, Cuba, Turks & Caicos, Tortola, Antigue, Azores Cape Verde, Cuba, Barbados
Cuba, Cape Verde
Cape Verde, Canaries & Morocco Winter Escape 16/02/2023 UK, Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, Morocco Cape Verde, Morocco Cape Verde
Norway's Land of the Northern Lights 09/03/2023 UK, Norway NA NA
Iceland's Land of the Northern Lights 23/03/2023 UK, Faroe Islands, Iceland NA NA


If your Cruise does not require a Travel Visa or PLF

MOST destinations will require proof of Vaccination as a condition of entry

Click here to arrange a paper copy of your NHS Vaccine Pass to be posted to you

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